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About Us

A first impression is the most important impression you will ever make – and you get only one chance to make it.

Business deals can be made or broken, first dates become second dates or not, friendships are created or fail to form; everything hinges on that all-important initial encounter.  And yet most of us don’t know how we are really seen by others. Many of us don’t know how to make a good impression.  At Mona Studio, our approach is different from others. We make no prescriptions about how people should present themselves. There is no one “right” first impression or right way to communication.  A good impression is one that reflect the real you. If you are presenting the best of yourself, the self you want to share, then you are making the impression that is right for you.


From a very young age, Mona discovered her passion for cosmetology and skin care. Her first step back home was with her mother who was a beautician. after years of training in cosmetology, body sculpting, contouring, and shaping she developed her own techniques. Now with 27 years of experience in the field providing the best service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Body sculpting is a controlled procedure that reduces fat and shapes the body. It is a non-surgical treatment that removes stubborn fat from the body.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle. Even if your life is full of busy schedules, this treatment will help you lose inches easily!


Afraid of Surgery? Body sculpting and wood therapy will help you achieve the body you desire without pain, in a few sessions with long-term results. Unlike other treatments that require long-term and painful recovery, body sculpting can easily remove body fat permanently without cutting.

The results of body sculpting are proving to last several years.

Don’t wait anymore and give your life and body the shape you always wanted in the best safe and most effective way there is.

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