standard-title Dressing The Gentleman
Dressing The Gentleman

Dressing The Gentleman

What Style Gentleman Dressing Should Be?

What Style Gentleman Dressing Should Be?

It is said that the quality of the chef can be judged by his consommé. Likewise, a man’s dressing skill rests on his ability to wear the simplest clothes to individual perfection. This is essentially a lesson in proportion. The first step in evolving a distinctive yet long-term dressing style is for each man to master the standard scheme of tailored suit, white dress shirt, solid necktie, with dark socks and shoes. This is not to suggest that you adopt such formulaic attire, although it can come in handy for certain occasions.

Fortunately, face’s shape, the neck’s height, the shoulder’s width, the arm’s length, the torso’s structure, and the foot’s size remain fairly constant over time, even allowing for some weight fluctuation. Unlike fashion, which is obliged to change seasonally, learning how to dress well does not has to be a case of stalking a constantly moving target. Confining one’s fashion focus to those physical characteristics found between hat and hose will facilitate one’s mastery of scale and proportion.

Once these rules of classic form relating to your own unique physiognomy are understood, a man has every reason to feel confident about his arms around his stuff.


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