standard-title From Plain to Polished : Developing Style

From Plain to Polished : Developing Style

Plain To Polished, Before and After Styles

Plain To Polished, Before and After Styles

You catch sight of a woman in the coffee club who immediately grab your attention. Her hair is perfectly styled and suits the shape of her face. Her makeup is not overdone. She’s outfitted with clothing that fits and flatters her silhouette, and her accessories pull together the entire ensemble for that final touch of élan.Your 6-second ‘first impression’ says she is confident, self-assured, powerful, stylish, and polished right?

On closer inspection, you may notice she is wearing a simple blouse with a black pencil skirt. But what differentiates her from the masses, is how she works that simple outfit. It’s not just any blouse, but a blouse in what must be one of her power colours, because she look radiant and vibrant, and her eyes sparkle. The blouse is simple but not boring. It has flair in the details on the sleeve, waist and collar so it looks pretty and flatters her. The skirt fits to perfection – not too snug to been seen as overtly sexy but hugging her curves artfully, so you have no doubt it’s a woman body.

When she walks, she struts. This woman doesn’t have to be traditionally beautiful to pull this off. What she has instead is a keen sense of her personal style. She knows how to flatter her figure, and this gives her confidence to flaunt it. And all of this gives her presence.

One of the keys to having the kind of presence is in knowing, understanding, defining and nailing your signature style.

  • What Define A Stylish Woman
  • How To Create A Presence With A Purpose
  • Using Our 6 Styles as Foundation To Define Which Of Those Styles Closely Fits You, And Then Add In Any Additional Elements That Also Define Who You Are To Create A Style That’s Yours
  • Look To Your Fashion Icons And Women Whose Style You Most Admire To Help Create A Signature Style That Is Uniquely Yours